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Recaro LS Classic - Available Autumn 2020

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A classic car should be as original and authentic as possible. Any conversions or accessories must remain true to the era of the car's creation. Who better to make seats for your classic car than the company that made the original seats in the first place? RECARO – priceless originality.

The RECARO Classic LS echos the outstanding design of RECARO seats from the 1980s, making them the perfect complement to classic car interiors. The RECARO seats are the culmination of everything we know today about safe, ergonomic seating. Every RECARO seat fulfills the highest possible standards in craftsmanship, style and individual comfort. All seats provide the ideal sitting position for your body, so you can be sure of sharp reactions, powerful performance and confident, safe driving.

The RECARO Classic Range has been launched with four distinctive classic RECARO trim finishes:

  • Black Leather & Pepita
  • Black Leather & Corduroy
  • Black Leather & Chequered
  • Full Black Leather
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